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Ba da Bing


listen im the baddest in the school the baddest in the game excuse me  honey but nobodys in my lane

emily post your New York Live Nude Drawings on ths site

who is you? 


This is how Garnet and Amethyst fuse to become Sugilite.

(A lot of things went through my head at that time, at the same time x3)


Some cats of Animal Crossing.




Tuesday Tips - Life Drawing Exercise: All Straight Lines

Without proper instructions or guidelines, life drawing sessions can easily become boring and repetitive, with little to no progress in understanding the process. Once in a while, I try to apply some techniques learned along the way. This is one of them. The last time I applied the technique was through instructor Paul Wee at LAAFA. A great life drawing teacher from the world of animation. 

It is as simple as it sounds. Only allow yourself to draw with straight lines. I know, I know, i dedicated an entire post to “No Straight Lines”. I mean “kinda straight” here. It’ll help you tremendously in finding angles and planes throughout the body. Curves and shading can easily muddle a drawing and make it too tentative. Lines and angles have a strong opinion about them. They are very definitive. Your confidence will only grow once you go back to “full” life drawing. 

Have fun!


ok but the reference he made out of anything

UNIT-02—->the soul of Asuka’s mother 

this kid basically considers himself once more as the vessel of his late mother’s soul

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